Book Illustration

Ask about a $25 mini sample page!

Each full colored page is $75 a piece

Micro Chapter Book

$500 2 weeks

This is meant for very small book projects focused more on writing then art.

6 full color Illustrations, no revisions, and includes book formatting.

24 pages of text is required for publishing. This is a print requirement.

For other package types skip further down.

Standard Children’s Books

My book illustration packages offer these 3 types to fit your needs, minimalist, standard and dream.


$1,400 2-4 months

The simple package for simple needs. This is for books that don’t need custom characters.

Often these are books based on songs, abstract designs, or more universal themes like eating well.

Basic softbound publishing is included.

Add +$500 to rush to one month


$1,800 3-4 months

This package is for custom characters like a family pet, loved one or a cool character for a story. This requires more upfront design work and character approvals.

This plan supports up to 3 custom characters.

Basic softbound publishing is included.

Add +$500 to rush to 2 months


$3,000 5-6 months

This package for creators who want to involve a large collection of custom characters say a whole family, group of friends or characters.

This supports up to 6 custom character designs with a large discount for additional characters.

This plan also supports light marketing material and a suite of publishing options is included.

Add $1,000 to rush to 3 months

What does each package include?

An example of storyboards in progress
  • Discovery process – This is a few trial art pieces to nail down the art direction and style. The amount of pieces depends on package.
  • Online Storyboard – This lets you see the big picture, leave comments and compare art
  • PDF note taking – leave feedback directly on the final PDF
  • Revisions – This is how often I rework a page, different plans of different revisions levels but at least 2 revisions are available for all plans.
  • Character expression sheet – all plans include a set of 4 expressions, higher tiers include more expressions
  • Full page color – All books are in full color (24 pages of full color images)
  • Cover and back – The colored cover, back and filler pagers are also included
  • Print ready PDF – All plans include a print ready PDF
  • Local print pages – For those who want to see a print on standard sized paper (8.5″x11″) so they can leave notes (Would cost you $20 bucks to print one copy at Office Depot!) Limit of 6 draft copies at a time but subject to availability. For more then 6 copies there is $5 fee.
  • One softbound print copy
  • Softbound published on Amazon
  • Marketing tips
  • Social Media Images – Set of 7 images you can use for social media marketing.

Trial artwork part of the discovery look
Designing a character and comparing colors

Designing a character and thinking about poses


The dream package includes all of these additions but they can be bought and added to any package to create a custom package. All additions add up to $3,150 total so it would be cheaper to get a package deal in some cases

  • ($200) Single Custom Character Design – includes 4-5 different designs with 3 color schemes a piece. 3 Characters are included in basic and 6 in dream packages.
  • ($100) Additional Color Scheme Sheet – includes a set of 20 color schemes for a character
  • ($250) Hardbound Book formatting + publishing setup
  • ($100) Ebook setup + publishing setup
  • ($50) Promo Bookmarks – Promotional material you can give away to libraries, book shows etc.
  • ($100) Promo Book Flyers – Promotional material you can hang up at libraries, book shows etc.
  • ($100) Promo Business Cards – Promotional material you can hand out at book shows etc.
  • ($300) Promo Mini Coloring Book – Promotional material you can give away to libraries, book shows etc.
  • ($300) Promo Sticker Sheet – Promotional material you can give away to libraries, book shows etc.
  • ($300) 30 Second Video Book Trailer – A great way to promote your book online or on social media
  • ($300) Editor Feedback – Get some feedback on your text with one of our editors
  • ($500) Automated mini marketing campaign for book launch – 15 posts setup for any social media channel. Get your audience excited about your book!
  • ($300) Local event – Show off your book at a local event, could include library events, bookstore events, depends on your preference.
  • ($300) ISBN Inclusion – buy a bundle of ISBN’s for your books

Would you like a custom package?

Feel free to reach out to

Other Packages

Ask for a sample if you are unsure if I’m right for you!

Single Book Cover

$300 (+50 for 2 day delivery)

For a chapter book and beyond

  • Full color
  • 2 revisions
  • Print Ready at 300 DPI please note higher res if required
  • Text formatted

A week turn around

Custom Character Design

$200(+50 for 2 day delivery)

For family photos, custom characters or anything else

  • Character sheet with 5 expressions
  • Full color
  • Transparent background 
  • Print or Web ready 

A week turnaround

Product Design

$200(+50 for 2 day delivery)

For posters, stickers, mock-ups, and anything else.

  • 5 design options
  • 3 revisions
  • Vector or Raster format  
  • Transparent background
  • Print or Web ready 

One week turnaround 

Game Design and Prototyping

Starting at $3,000 (+$500 for 1 month delivery)

Game design and prototyping is not as straightforward as book illustration as it requires an understanding of different fields such as art, programming, design, writing, user experience and more.
That said, a simple prototype can tell you a lot on if your game idea is fun and will be successful.

One of the ways smilingcatmedia specializes in game design and rapid prototyping is by having a huge focus on scope. The game design package can be expanded out to full development but starts at $3,000. The package includes:

  • 40+ page Game Design Doc – This document includes marketing analysis and pitch, gameplay overview and stats, technical analysis and some art direction which covers characters, menu’s, items, game mood, sound design and more depending on the game genre. A schedule for projected costs and expected returns. This can be formatted in as an online wiki or online collaborative document depending on your needs.
  • A short 5-10 minute play-through prototype built on the specific scope

You can use this package for kickstarters, small investments or the beginning foundation for your game.

This is a two month turn around.

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