Game Projects

Some various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Programming Quick Glance

Some programming work I’ve done:
Save systems, level triggers, enemy respawners, Animation/character controller setup, maze generation, AR work hand motion control, Inventory UI, Enemy AI, Puzzle UI, Editor Design

Art Quick Glance

(Check out RCS on Steam)

I created all ships, backgrounds (Planets, stars, etc) and collectable resources, as well as did some design work.

I’ve done a mix between sprites, 3D models, and 2D art for numerous games, generally my timeframe has been about 3 days to a month as I often work on Game Jam’s and rush to get art done as fast as possible.

So If I have to do 50 assets, let’s think about what 3 animation frames a piece can get us. If I ever have time I can always come back and flesh it out to the standard 8 frame animation.

Same thing with character design, focus on the most important parts first. You can always come back and add in details later.

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